Personalised Promotional Gift Awards Available at Propaganda ( offers a wide range of personalised awards and gifts for special occasions. Whether you are looking for something unique to celebrate a milestone or simply want to show appreciation, we’ve got you covered.

Stephen Taylor, Propaganda CEO, has chosen some of his best sellers, crowd pleasers, and firm favourites to show off to you in this article.

13cm Optical Crystal 5-Pointed Star Award

Our stunning 13cm high Optical Crystal 5 Pointed Star Award is a beautiful way to recognise and reward excellence. Crafted from the highest quality optical crystal, this award has been carefully cut into the shape of a five-pointed star with intricate detailing and bevelled edges that catch and reflect the light to create a dazzling effect. The perfect gift to recognise outstanding achievements, this award is sure to impress. It comes with an elegant transparent base and can be personalised with an engraving of your choice. Celebrate a special occasion or honour a person’s hard work with this unique and beautiful award.

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Optical Crystal Rectangle

This gorgeous crystal paperweight will look great in any office, and it’s not just a decorative piece for display either but, rather, can be used as a paperweight to help keep even the busiest desks tidier. Featuring a sophisticated, contemporary design with a highly polished finish, this crystal paperweight is in a pleasing, solid, rectangular shape for stability and usefulness. The optical crystal is expertly crafted to provide maximum clarity and sparkle, meaning it’s sure to look good in any office environment. You can choose your own 2D or 3D Laser Printing for the inside of the paperweight, allowing you to personalise this to your own corporate standards.

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Oak Base Acrylic Award

This Oak Base Acrylic award is the perfect way to recognise and honour someone special. The award features a stunning thick acrylic display with a vibrant full-colour imprint of your logo or design, set on a luxurious solid oak base with a polished chrome support bar. A really beautiful stunning, modern, design to perhaps compliment someone in a stunning, modern, company that you know? 

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Metal Wrap Wood Column Award

This environmentally friendly metal wrap wood column award is made from European-sourced, sustainably certified oak. The metal covering both sides is made from partly recycled aluminium and the wrap can be printed in full colour. Traditionally crafted with attention to detail, this award will is gorgeously elegant and will look amazing in any setting. 

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Stamped Iron Medal

Show your appreciation in style with this eye-catching Stamped Iron Medal and Full Color Dye Sublimation rPET Lanyard. This medal is perfect for acknowledging outstanding contributions and achievements, featuring a Nickel or Brass plated finish, and an impressive combination of quality craftsmanship, vibrant colours and unique design, meaning you can create a meaningful keepsake that will last for years.

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Green Cast Acrylic Peak Award

The Greencast® Recycled Acrylic Peak Award is the perfect way to recognise excellence whilst showing off your commitment to environmental issues. This award is made from certified recycled acrylic and features clear and black acrylic printed on one side. Monochromatic beauty.

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20cm Jade Glass Bevelled Edge Award

The Jade Glass Bevelled Edge Award is a stunning 20 cm tall trophy. It comes with an individual white box and can be customised to perfection with sandblast engraving on the front of the award. You can choose full-colour or monochrome engraving to suit your and your company’s needs.

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It’s not Propaganda to promote your company and reward your staff, rather, it’s what makes you stand out from the crowd. In today’s competitive working environment, every edge that you can get over your competitors is vital, and being seen as a company that rewards and gives appreciation will go a long way in people’s minds.

Written by Stephen Taylor Propaganda CEO and Founder.

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