An Englishman In Miami

An interview with Stevev Taylor, London-based property mogul and entrepreneur for a new business series ‘Celebrating Success’.

The first thing that happens, as we’re just settling in for the interview, is a minor alteration of our working title for the interview….‘Formerly London-based’, corrects Steve Taylor, laughing as he does so.

And based on his imminent permanent relocation to the glorious and vibrant American City of Miami, that is a fair point to make – and as good a place as any to start.

Surely the first question to ask of a successful British property developer and businessman like Steve Taylor is – why the USA relocation, and why right now?

‘I was out there for most of last year’, replies Steve ‘And I absolutely loved it. I made the decision – and it was an incredibly easy one – based on the way of life, the weather, and the business opportunities I believe lie out there.’

Of course, an Englishman is going to mention the weather early on in any conversation, but let’s take a closer look at those business opportunities that are beckoning you.

A successful Entrepreneur and Businessman, Stephen Taylor has decades of property, and other business, growth and development success and experience.

Those decades of success have not dented his hunger for even more success though.

‘I don’t think you ever stop, not really.’ He offers, in relation to my previous point. ‘Look, if you’re used to a level of success then that drive and ambition is what you bring into every project. It’s automatic. You expect success and have certain standards that you insist on being met, and you drive up the standards and performance of the team around you. It’s what successful business people do, and it’s second nature.’

It’s a point well-made and oft-noted in the writings of those who interview successful entrepreneurs and business people.

Success breeds success. Standards are there to be met, raised, and met again. There are no excuses, no quarter given, and absolutely no comprise.

Time and time again, successful entrepreneurs are successful whatever the venture and company they move to.

There’s an inherent drive, commitment, focus and belief that they use to motivate themselves and others around them.

It’s within that ability to motivate others that empires are built. Because the most driven, motivated, successful person on the planet surely can’t do it all by themselves?

‘You know, you’re absolutely right.’ Says Steve Taylor. ‘No matter who they are, the most successful entrepreneur in the whole world – they’re only as good as the team around them.’

Building teams, recruiting the right people into the right setting, motivating others, managing other people’s time as well as your own, and setting the direction of travel the company takes – all part and parcel of the average company CEO’s daily duties.

But to be considered beyond average, to be a true success story, this is something you must do every single day, alongside and around the actual business of innovation, entrepreneurialism, balancing the books, delivering on your promises, and exceeding the needs of your customers…’s a lot of plates to keep spinning, and there’s little wonder so many people fail.

So what drives someone who has already enjoyed success, to keep going and to keep reaching for even greater plaudits?

‘Well, I think after a certain time you just automatically expect it of both yourself and the others around you. I mean, striving for excellence just becomes second nature and permeates every aspect of your daily business life.’

Steve Taylor pauses, as though to gather his thoughts, before continuing. ‘Ensuring that you and those around you are delivering on promises, improving in every measurable area, and always looking up at what’s coming, what’s around the corner – that’s important, you know? It’s not just about meeting needs now, a huge part of a successful business story is accurately and successfully predicting the future – which is a great trick if you can pull it off!’ He finishes, roaring with laughter.

It feels very much like you can safely add confidence, enthusiasm, and boundless energy to any list of ‘what makes a businessman successful’.

The soon-to-be permanently based in Miami property developer adds ‘New business projects are always simultaneously the most exciting and terrifying times you can imagine. Add relocating to the other side of the world into that and wow, it’s really a case of holding onto your hat because literally anything could happen!’.

Seems pretty obvious from here that what will happen will undoubtedly be successful, and it’s going to be enjoyable to check back in and write about it in future editions. 

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