Giving back to others is an important part of having built a successful life

Stephen Taylor

I support and enjoy a number of charities and charitable causes, having been raised with the belief and understanding that you don’t hoard your successes in life, you share them with others. Perhaps some are less fortunate than you, and perhaps some need a helping hand to a better life and to find their own pathway to success. Either way, sharing is a huge part of my life, and I’m delighted to share my favourite charities here with you.

The Boys Clubhouse is the only Jewish Charity in the UK with a mission to provide safety and security for disadvantaged and vulnerable teenagers and young men, most of whom The Boys Clubhouse is likely to be the only hope.

Focusing on turning young men who’ve dropped out of education or being excluded away from the dangerous paths of drugs, crime, etc and instead offering them a chance to rebuild their lives.

UJIA has been building strong connections between the British Jewish Community and the people of Israel for well over 100 years.

UJIA focuses on strengthening young British Jews’ faith, Jewish identity, and their knowledge about Israel and Israelis by offering them a meaningful connection with their Israeli heritage.

Jewish Care is the largest health and social organisation to serve the Jewish community both in London and across the South East, with over 10,000 people a week accessing their vital services.

Offering a helpline, mental health services, disability and dementia services, many different types of social work and social care, and so much more besides, this busy charity is a cornerstone of the Jewish community in London and the South East.

CST – Community Security Trust – is a charity offering protection to British Jews from antisemitism and related threats. Granted charitable status in 1994, and recognised by both UK Police and the UK Government as a unique model of best practice, the Charity stands alone in offering security to communal Jewish buildings and Jewish events across the UK.

From security advice and training, to actual physical on site security, the Charity helps hundreds of schools, synagogues, and Jewish communal buildings every year, as well as providing security at over 1000 events yearly.

Keren Shabbos has provided food to more than 373 families, which includes more than 760 children, in the North-West of London for the last 20 years.

The charity distributes foodstuffs such as chicken, eggs, fish, meat, milk, and fresh fruit & veg, to these hundreds of vulnerable families and their children every single week. They are a lifeline in these increasingly difficult times.

The National Trust is Europe’s largest conservation charity, looking after nature, beauty, and history so that it survives for each new generation of our nation to enjoy.

Within the UK, the Trust cares for thousands of miles of coastland, woodland, countryside, and hundreds of historic buildings, gardens, and precious collections. All of them protected for the enjoyment of future generations.

The National Holocaust Centre and Museum was the brainchild of one family – James, Stephen, & Marina Smith – after visiting Yad Vashem, Israel’s national Holocaust Museum.

That trip changed the lives of the family, who then returned to the UK determined that the Holocaust had to be taught, discussed, and understood by all, but especially those students who would learn about the Holocaust at school.

If you can give anything to these charities, or any charity of your choosing in your local area, then please do so. Because never has there been so much needed by so many, so right now every little really does help.