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Promotional gift specialist Propaganda, established for over 30 years, supplies its vast range of promotional gifts to a variety of companies in highly diverse business sectors..  a great range of fully bespoke highly customised promotional products. Their unrivalled expertise enables them to design and manufacture impactful and cost-effective promotional gifts that leave a great lasting impression.

Propaganda offers a variety of promotional bespoke products that are easily fully customisable. Propaganda’s bespoke fully customised promotional range includes promotional clothing, electronics, bags, sweets, eco-friendly stationery and keyrings, promotional packaging, notepads and much more. 

It is possible to create a high-impact unique-looking promotional gift product simply by using high-quality promotional printing and good visual imagery through high-quality artwork and design. Sometimes the difference lies in the design more than the product so it is important to use an expert in promotional gift design. Propaganda promotional gift experts offer free artwork and design services for all promotional bespoke fully customised promotional gifts.

 Promotional Clothing and Workwear

Propaganda specialist promotional gift suppliers for over 30 years offer an extensive range of highly customised promotional workwear and promotional clothing.  Propaganda’s ranges of clothing include promotional T-shirts, Promotional sportswear,  promotional jackets and hoodies and promotional sweatshirts. Their range of promotional clothing is almost unlimited. All promotional clothing is designed using an exacting eye for detail. 

Garment customisable options include; contrasting colours on the body and sleeves, customised zip pulls and fully branded personalised labels giving all promotional garments a premium retail look and feel.  Propaganda works closely with every customer to ensure that no detail is omitted so that their promotional garment is designed and manufactured in the most optimal way ensuring their brand is a walking billboard. 

There are occasions when promotional garments are so successful and highly sought after that they become almost a collected item! Propaganda’s promotional clothing design team use a variety of printing techniques from full-colour dye sublimation print, transfer print and high-quality embroidery all used effectively. Sometimes the garment has a variety of decorations to give it that added zip ( forgive the pun! )

Promotional Notepads And Diaries

Propaganda specialist promotional gift suppliers for over 30 years offer an extensive range of promotional fully customised eco-friendly notepads and diaries. Propaganda’s highly popular eco-friendly range of notepads includes a promotional notepad made from recycled apple peel. Yes, that’s right recycled apple peel, Now that is a truly unique eco-friendly promotional item, but Propaganda doesn’t recommend eating it!  

Propaganda’s range of fully customised promotional notepad and diaries mean that many aspects of the promotional pad or dairy is customisable from using full-colour high-quality promotional digital print on the back and front covers, fully bespoke corporate messages and themes on the additional tip in pages and mix and match coloured ribbons, foil blocking so allowing Propaganda to create a truly memorable promotional notepad or diary guaranteed help any promotional campaign or promotional activity.

Promotional Umbrellas

Propaganda specialist promotional gift suppliers for over 30 years offers an extensive range of promotional fully customisable umbrellas, Propaganda using specialist printing techniques on all promotional umbrellas irrespective of the size from small hand-held foldable umbrella to large golf canopies. It is all about maximising the promotional message. Propaganda also offers under-canopy printing so that the promotional message is also visible to the user. 

Propaganda also offers double-strength windproof umbrellas so that it does not turn inside out with a gust of wind as the promotional message will get blown inside out! To get the most value out of any promotional umbrella, it is always a good idea to maximise the print coverage is essential so Propaganda design all umbrellas using as many panels as possible to ensure the promotional message stands out! 

Propaganda also offers not just fully customisable colours for all promotional umbrellas but also offers a range of handles from regular plastic to see-through acrylic where a logo can be placed on the side making it highly attractive.

Promotional Keyrings and Badges

Propaganda specialist promotional gift suppliers for over 30 years offer an extensive range of promotional fully bespoke keyrings and badges made from a variety of metals including, silver, gold plate, bronze and copper. Proportional experts Propaganda offers free artwork and visuals to ensure that your chosen design is highly effective checking for style colours and size of messaging and imagery. 

There are so many different styles of promotional badges and keyrings and using the right size and type of metal is important to ensure that the promotional gift is used by the intended recipient. Promotional keyrings travel well and so many highly useful promotional gifts especially I they look impactful.  Propaganda also customises the shape and uses 2 or 3d casts to make an even more stand-out promotional gift.

Promotional Bags

Propaganda specialist promotional gift suppliers for over 30 years offer an extensive range of promotional fully bespoke ranges of promotional eco-friendly bags made using either recycled or recyclable materials. Promotional bags are one of the most popular promotional gifts as they are useful and everyone needs a bag especially as shops are now charging for bags, so promotional bags now are even more useful than ever. 

The ranges of materials that can be fully customised include paper, nylon Rpet and cotton, so all highly customisable and also economical and eco-friendly. Making the promotional message stand out is a combinate of using promotional print coverage and a great design. propaganda offers free design and visual proofing for all bags ensuring your final promotional printed bag looks great and is impactful.

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After discussing all of these products, we hope you are satisfied and hope you can decide on who to choose for the production of unique merchandise specifically designed for your organisation. However, if you are not satisfied with what you have read, then you can call us at +44 207 258 7343 for more information, where we may be able to help. Thank you for reading!

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