Will Arsenal FC Get Their Hands On A Trophy This Year?

Before the Premier League (PL) kicked off this season, Mikel Arteta, the Arsenal FC boss, told reporters he had much to do in the club. First, he had to introduce players who would work with the young Arsenal squad to bring significant and impressive changes to the overall performance. As the PL began, Arteta said that the club had done an outstanding job of bringing in players with the profiles they needed and they were confident that they would help to bring impressive results.

With the transfer business having been completed early and important additions done to Arteta’s young squad, Arsenal have been doing amazingly, something that has not been seen for a long time. The superb start of Arsenal FC in the 2022/2023 season of the English Premier League is pretty unprecedented (by Arsenal’s standards) in modern times. So far, out of 9 games in the EPL, Arsenal have won 8 matches, which is an impressive performance no matter which team you’re talking about. The one match lost came after they fell to a 3-1 defeat against a resurgent Manchester United at Old Trafford.

On Sunday, 9th October 2022, Arsenal won 3-2 against Liverpool at Emirates Stadium, which followed success against Tottenham at the north London derby the previous weekend. Winning against these two teams, which were considered tough, felt like a huge moment for the Gunners. These were the biggest tests they’ve faced this season and they passed them quite well, which potentially shows that they can go all the way and be in a position to win the Premier League this season.

The Gunners are the early pace-setters after the Manchester United team had an early blip, Chelsea and Liverpool are off the pace so far, and Tottenham are having up-and-down performances. However, with the quick accumulation of goals, points and overall impressive performances, the pressure of expectation has risen on Mikel Arteta’s side.

The Manchester City squad currently 2nd in the Premier League table were most pundits’ pre-season choices for this year’s title. The pre-season assumption that Manchester City would be unstoppable, and with Erling Haaland coming out great for the club, I think we can be certain that this season could go all the way to the wire.

The big question right now is, will Arsenal remain at the top in the entire season and snatch the PL title from Manchester City FC? Here are some views from several correspondents on this matter.

Charles Watts, an Arsenal correspondent, has given his take on this matter. He said that Mike Arteta’s Gunners winning against Liverpool last weekend showed that they have the potential to lead the league. Charles noted that Arsenal so far has shown togetherness, like during the previous golden time of Arsene Wenger. This means they can win some titles this season if they continue with the spirit. He also added that Arsenal is at the top of the PL table and deserves it. The main thing Arsenal players should focus on is to keep going match by match as they give their best.

Jonathan Smith is a Manchester City correspondent. Being asked about his take on who seems to win the PL this season, he said that “if any Manchester City fan was to be asked who their biggest threat is, they would say Liverpool. But now, there is a belief growing in them that Arsenal seems like the biggest threat”. Certainly, City’s fans are quite aware of the ability Arsenal has with Oleksandr Zinchenko and Gabriel Jesus, who came from their club and were part of their recent success.

Everyone believes that the Gunners are having their best season in years, and their fans are qauietly convinced that this can be the year they finally come out victorious. Arsenal fans have a growing sense of confidence that the team will carry the Premier League giving Mikel Arteta the 2nd trophy in his managerial career after he led Arsenal to win the FA Cup in 2020.

Generally, the Arsenal squad and it’s loyal fanbase feels this season will be a great opportunity to get their hands on silverware. They are also hopeful of succeeding in the FA Cup and Carabao Cup. Although, it would be unrealistic to say that Arsenal will challenge in all three cups, they surely have a good chance to pick up at least one trophy this season.

Written by Stephen Taylor, Propaganda CEO

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