The Best Office Equipment Available At Propaganda (

Propaganda holds stock of over 13 pages of office equipment, but you can’t buy all of it, so what’s the best corporate merchandise to purchase? 


Foam Character Bookmarks

One of my favourite bookmarks that’s for sale at Propaganda is the Foam Character Bookmarks. These bookmarks provide a fun and stylish design, helping to keep the workday cheery, and can be fully customised with your business’s details or a message, even with graphics or pictures.

Recycled Leather Bookmark

My popular bookmark available at Propaganda is the Recycled Leather Bookmark. Made in the UK out of recycled leather material, this eco-friendly bookmark can come in a variety of colours such as blue, green, red, black and white. The bookmark can be customised with your own text and even allows you to print your own graphic onto the bookmark. The recycled leather material will also ensure that this bookmark will stand the test of time, as well as add some aesthetic authenticity to any leather-back fantasy book. This book mark is without a doubt one of my favourite promotional corporate gifts. 


Sonorbam A6 Bamboo Notebook Set

One of the best notebooks available at Propaganda is the Sonorbam A6 Bamboo Notebook Set. This set includes a pen made of recycled paper and a wirobound notebook made of bamboo. The notebook holds 70 sheets of lined recycled paper, uses a black elastic band to keep the notebook closed at all times, and can be customised to have a logo and text on the front of the notebook. Overall, this bamboo notebook is environmentally friendly and has an interesting look and feel to it, as well as being sturdy due to its bamboo construction.

Eco Wirobound Notebook with Pen

Another eco-friendly option available at Promo Concepts, for a lower cost, is the Eco Wirobound Notebook with Pen is a set that includes a pen made out of recycled paper, with coloured accents, and a recycled paper wirobound notebook with coloured accents. The notebook and pen can be customised with different colours of accents, such as blue, green, orange, red, black or white and a logo can be added to the front of the notebook, creating a colourful and unique notebook.


The Eternal Pencil

The Eternal Pencil is made of eco-friendly bamboo, with a metal and graphite mixed writing tip, combined with a length of 151mm, to ensure a long-lasting pencil that will live up to its name. The pencil also includes a rubber at the opposite end and although the pencil itself only comes in one colour, the pencil can be customised with a coloured logo and text. This results in a custom, personalised pencil that will be with you for years due to its hardy materials, and will surely become your favourite.

Natural Coloured Pencil Set

For some coloured pencils, the Natural Coloured Pencil Set is perfect. This set includes six colouring pencils, a cardboard cylinder container and a plastic lid and sharpener combo. The container is able to be customised with a logo and name with colour. No matter whether you are working at home or in the office, keeping this product on you means you can contain all the equipment you need in one place. The sharpener in the lid means that you won’t have to worry about the pencils becoming dull or snapping, and being left with no way to sharpen them. This product is the perfect solution for working on the go. 


Green & Good Recycled PET Bottle Highlighter

Starting with the eco-friendly option, the Green & Good Recycled PET Bottle Highlighter is a highlighter that comes in either pink or yellow and the casing is made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles, which also creates a cool-looking transparent case. There is also space for a logo to be printed on the side.

Triangular Highlighter

Need more colours? Propaganda also offers the Triangular Highlighter, this highlighter has three different colours, green, yellow and pink, which is perfect for highlighting differing information in differing colours. There is also space for a logo to be printed in the middle of the triangle. This highlighter is the perfect mix of usability and portability.

Eco Flow Highlighter

3 colours, not enough? How about 5? The Eco Flow Highlighter contains green, yellow, orange, pink and blue tips, with a container in the shape of a flower. The container is also made 20%  from eco-friendly wheat straw, with the remaining 80% being ABS plastic. There is also plenty of space for a logo to be printed in the centre of the flower, with an added option of the logo being in full colour. With this many colours on one highlighter, you won’t need another.

Honourable Mentions

NoteStix Recycled Adhesive Pads

The NoteStix Recycled Adhesive Pads are made from recycled paper, with ink printed on using vegetable-based inks and recycled cards for the back of each pad. You get 50 sheets per pad, all with the option of a full-colour logo print on every sheet. There are two different sizes available for the pads, they can come in either 75 x 75mm or 105 x 75mm.

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