The Best Confectionery Items Available At Propaganda (

Propaganda sells over 70 confectionery promotional corporate gifts, so which are the ones that people enjoy most and will remember your company most by?


Mint Twister

The Mint Twister is a fun pocket-sized fidget-ready patented mint container. It can contain 18g of mints and can be customised with a cool logo or graphic on the top, which can create fun and cool patterns when spun. Due to the patent of the mint twister held by Propaganda, you can be assured that your mint twister is unique, fun and exciting. Due to its small and plastic construction, the mint twister is also very robust and lightweight, so people are likely to keep it for a long time.

Mini Mint-It Cube

The Mini Mint-It Cube is a small cube, able to contain 18g of refreshing mints, the patented cube structure allows for a 360-degree panoramic image to be printed onto the product, and all sides to be covered, giving plenty of surface area for advertising. The Mini Mint-It Cube is also very small, at 30mm x 30mm x 30mm, and light, making it easily pocketable and carryable. This Propaganda patented product is ideal for a small little desk or pocket mint container.

Mint-it Cards

The Mint-it Card is a more fun and engaging form of a business card. Able to be made in virtually any shape, size and colour, these bespoke Mint-It Cards are the perfect way to draw attention to your business cards, and people will actually want to take it with them thanks to the cool and tasty mints held within.


Embossed Chocolate Coins

Available in 4 different sizes, these milk chocolate coins can be embossed, even on both sides, with a detailed custom design. This provides space for an exciting design and plenty of advertisement and is perfect for contest winners or a treasure hunt, and who doesn’t like chocolate money?

Create Your Own Custom Chocolate Shapes

Available in almost any shape and size, you are able to create your own chocolate shapes to create a unique and attractive and fully customised chocolate design. This product is certain to draw eyes and water mouths with its chocolatey goodness and interesting looks.

Chocolate Bars

With 3 different sizes and weights to choose from, these delicious chocolate chunks come wrapped in a layer of foil to stay fresh, followed by a wrapping layer of paper in order to keep the foil in place as well as allow you to have your design or logo printed onto it with a 4 colour process, ensuring that it will look delicious and appealing.


Personalised Sweets

These sweets come double-wrapped in a transparent or white foil wrap, with the ability to print a design or logo in up to 4 colours on the wrapper. These personalised sweets are available in up to 7 flavours, ranging from cola to cherry to lemon or apple, and each weighs approximately 3.8g, equaling 260 sweets per kilo. With this selection of flavours and opportunity for design, we’re sure that everyone will be digging into these sweets.

Haribo Standard Jelly Shapes in a Printed Bag

Available in 10g, 20g and 50g bag sizes, you are able to choose from a large number of pre-existing Haribo-like jelly shapes, such as bears, hearts or smiley faces, or on larger orders, you are able to make your own custom jelly shapes. The bags can be customised with different colours and designs, even with different designs for different sizes of bags.

Bottled Water

People are always thirsty, so a customised water bottle is the perfect piece of corporate merchandise, as people carry it around with them, and may continue to even use or reuse it for the following days. This 500ml water bottle is available with either still or sparkling water and can come with either a screw or sports cap. The water bottle features a label with a 57mm by 180mm print area, which is easily able to fit any company’s logo or design. The design is also printed onto the label with a 4 colour process.

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