The Bags That We Offer At Propaganda

Today, in this article, we will discuss the best range of bags that can be used as corporate merchandise, that we have on offer at Propaganda for you and your company!

Our Picks

From our website, I have picked out a few of the many options you have for your branded merchandise, and I will explain why you should choose them:

  • Jute Tote Bag
  • Kobe Jute Bag
  • rPET Drawstring Bag
  • Whitfield Recycled rPET Messenger Business Bag
  • Size 2 Laminated Paper Carrier Bag

Jute Tote Bag

If you want a bag that you can simply carry about in your hand, then our BPMA Product of the Year award-winning Jute Tote Bag is the perfect choice for you with its short handles, along with the patches for your brand print, made from the eco-friendly material that is recycled polyethylene terephthalate, or rPET for short. The main section of this bag is made from jute fibre, which is fully biodegradable, making this another important part of the bag ecologically friendly, and faux leather for the rest of the bag!

The dimensions for this bag are 400mm by 360mm by 180mm overall, making this bag plentiful in storage space, with your area for the brand identity being 40mm by 40mm and debossed on the rPET patch. The bag I have described comes at a reasonable price, considering the materials used in the production process, of £12.85 when you order at least 500 units.

Kobe Jute Bag

This simple, but BPMA Product of the Year award-winning, bag made from non-laminated natural jute is perfect if you just want a cheaper alternative to the bag I described in the previous paragraph with fewer features. With fewer features comes less impact on the world’s environment when it is disposed of, especially when the material used is completely recyclable! This product that we provide is also OEKO-TEX certified, meaning that it is impressively durable against many toxic chemicals such as pesticides.

Your brand can be displayed on this bag on one side in one colour in an area of 280mm by 250mm, the bag is 420mm by 380mm by 100mm in total. This bag also comes at a affordable price of £2.23 for each bag when you order at least 2,500 units.

rPET Drawstring Bag

Another of our BPMA Product of the Year award-winning bags is the rPET Drawstring Bag which is completely made from recycled plastic PET, including the handles, which are rPET ropes. This means that if you want your brand to be seen as eco-friendly then this is the perfect choice from our list of bag products. These bags are the perfect promotional corporate gifts.

Also, with the option of having full colour on both sides of this drawstring bag, with the full surface of the bag being used for this, then you have the ultimate amount of customisability for making sure your organisation is recognised. This bag also comes at a cheap price of £1.99 per bag if you order 2,500 or more units.

Whitfield Recycled rPET Messenger Business Bag

One of our top-selling bags at Propaganda is the Whitfield Recycled rPET Messenger Business Bag! This product is made from, as the name suggests, certified 300D recycled polyethylene terephthalate, and includes a large zipped compartment to store items such as books, an accessories section to store other office equipment such as pens or staplers, and a padded laptop section to keep your laptop safe from any damage. Our best-selling bag also has an adjustable shoulder strap so you can comfortably carry it about, which is especially important if there are any heavy items in the storage compartments such as a laptop.

The total dimensions of this bag are 400mm by 390mm by 170mm and the area for the brand is found in only one colour on the front of the bag in a 150mm by 120mm shape. This business bag also comes at a reasonable price, coming at £8.79 per bag when you order 1,000 units or more.

Size 2 Laminated Paper Carrier Bag

Our final top choice out of the bags we provide is the Size 2 Laminated Paper Carrier Bag, which is one of our best sellers. The handles on these bags are made from white rope and are 500 millimetres long. The body of the bag is made from responsibly sourced paper from the Earth’s managed forests and is all put together and manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Your brand can be displayed on both sides and gussets either with the CMYK or the digital format, on a 330mm by 240mm by 90mm area, with 100% ink coverage, and is offered with either gloss or matt lamination. This bag will cost £1.20 for each unit when you purchase 2,500 or more bags.


Overall, at Propaganda, there is a choice for everyone with our variety of different bags made from various materials such as rPET or jute, which are some of the eco-friendly materials that we use in manufacturing these bags. Thank you for reading this article and I hope you can make your decision from this!

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