Sweet Concepts Products For Promoting Your Business

Let’s take a look at some of the main products which we offer at Sweet Concepts that you can choose from to advertise your business.

Who Are We?

Sweet Concepts, part of the Promo Concepts group, was founded in London in 1993. Now renowned as one of the longest-established suppliers of branded corporate gifts and corporate sweets in the UK. 

A market leader and innovator in design, with several patents for its provably unique products, Sweet Concepts has kept itself at the forefront of the promotional gift market for 30 years now using its continuous investment and innovation in the design of its products.

With international reach supplying promotional products to customers across the globe from countries located in Europe, the Middle East, the USA and the Far East. 

A Few of our Favourite Products

From our huge catalogue of confectionary and gadgets, we have chosen the following:

  • Mini Mint-It Cube
  • Mint Twister
  • Mint-It Cards
  • Click-It Tin
  • Fortune Cookies
  • Ball Lollies
  • Old Fashioned Sweet Jar

Mini Mint-It Cube

The Mini Mint-It Cube, another patented design from the owner and founder Stephen Taylor, has 5 sides available to be branded for your promotional message to be seen from every angle!

Filled with tasty mints to delight your customers, this compact and efficient design dispenses mints with ease, no awkward shaking required – and the whole time they’re seeing your messages right in front of them!

You can get your design printed in full colour, at a high resolution, and in the 360° Pano Print digital format, giving the cube a clean and attractive look that will delight your customers. A great promotional product, addictive playability, minty rewards, and 5 different/continuous branding messages available – no wonder this is Sweet Concepts’ undisputed best-seller.

Mint Twister

The patented original fidget spinner, before fidget spinners became cool! Filled with sugar-free mints, it’s a great game to play at your desk with a tiny minty reward inside!

Brand it and give it to your customers – trust us, they’ll never forget you!

Mint-It Cards

A revolutionary new concept in business cards, Sweet Concepts has yet again changed the way the business world deals with promotional matters.

Branded business cards containing beautiful sugar-free mints – what could be better?!

Available in small, maxi, or bespoke to your shape/design, these Mint-It Cards will be printed and designed to your specification.

Let your brand stand out from the crowd, and have something to enjoy giving out to your Clients!

Click-It! Tin

Another unique innovation from the brilliant minds behind this stand-out company, these classy and compact tins of mints are branded to your company so that you can remain fresh in your Client’s minds at all times.

Fortune Cookies

Gorgeous, crispy, fortune cookies that can be ordered with your brand printed on the packaging. You can even choose the messages inside the fortune cookies, and your personalised messages will brighten the days of your Clients for months to come!

Ball Lollies

Are you holding an event but are struggling to find something to give to attendees? Lollies are the perfect solution for you! Almost everyone loves a lolly as a freebie, especially if they come in different flavours and our ball lollies do.

Brand them with your company’s logo, and create a sweet memory for your event/Clients!

Old Fashioned Sweet Jar

If you want to advertise your brand with stylish sweet storage that can be used at any point in the year, without incorporating the theme of yearly events such as Christmas, this sweet jar is the perfect choice for your company!

The sweet jar comes with different fillings such as jelly babies, dolly mixtures, wrapped humbugs, and more besides, so you can have something for everybody to choose from. The jar can be refilled and can be used almost infinitely, meaning your logo or message stays with them for an extended period.

Why Choose Us?

Market leaders, innovators, promotional gift experts: the real question is, why would you choose anyone else?

Written by Stephen Taylor, CEO of Sweet Concepts & Propaganda

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