Our Eco-Friendly Products At Propaganda

One of our main priorities at Propaganda is looking after our environment, which is why we try to ensure that the products we sell are all environmentally friendly and responsibly sourced. Today I want to introduce you all to some of my favourite eco-sourced, environmentally sound, planet-friendly products that I think you will love! 

Bamboo Desk Phone Stand

For those of you that work in an office, you will understand how frustrating it can be to try and work when your desk is cluttered and messy, our Bamboo Desk Phone Stand helps to alleviate that problem. As the name would suggest this is a phone stand made from bamboo, which also comes with office essentials such as page tabs and paperclips. There is also a handy slot for you to rest your favourite pen. Due to the natural raw material that the product is made from, the appearance may differ in each product, which in my opinion, just adds to the beauty. A clear desk helps to create a clear mind, helping to make your work day that little bit easier. 

Bamboo Weather Station

Another desk accessory that is a favourite is the Bamboo Weather Station. Part of the charm of living here in the UK is the ever-changing weather. With our bamboo weather station, you will be able to keep a track of the weather, not just for the day, but for the whole week. The product also features a calendar and clock as well as a comfort level meter. One of my favourite aspects of the station is that it tells you the exact temperature, as well as the humidity percentage. As a business owner, this is also a perfect product for advertising your business. There is space for your company’s logo at the bottom of the station, which is ideal for keeping your business in the mind of others. 

Exhibition Pack

We all know that networking is a great way to promote your business, so exhibition events are a great way to connect with others and advertise your company, but of course you want to stand out from the crowd. Our Exhibition Pack includes a reusable water bottle, a reusable tote bag, and a notepad and pen. The reusable water bottle is made from metal, which helps maintain your drink’s cool temperature and is completely reusable. Advertising your business using metal water bottles ensures your brand travels with your customers without the using any plastic materials. The same thing goes for our tote bags, as we are all trying to reduce as much single-use plastic as possible, so using one of our tote bags for your shopping instead of plastic, will help contribute to that. The final product in the exhibition pack is a handy-sized notepad and pen. All of the paper and card used is responsibly sourced and comes from managed forests, to lessen the impact of deforestation. You can add your logo to all of these items, making the pack the perfect promotional product. 

Americano Insulated Recycled Tumbler

Part of British culture is drinking tea and coffee, we can’t get enough of the stuff, which is why our Recycled Tumblers are a perfect way to promote your business. This tumbler is made from 100% recycled PP plastic and its double-walled construction will keep your drink nice and hot whilst on your commute, or even if you just forgot about it and cracked on with your emails, as happens to many of us! Another great feature of the tumbler is the anti-spill lid, which is especially helpful when it comes to commuting.  What better product could there be for promoting your business whilst on the go?

Dyed Jute Bag

As I mentioned previously, we are trying to minimise the amount of single-use plastic that is used in the UK and gets sent to landfill, which is why our Dyed Jute Bags are a very popular promotional product. These bags are perfect for doing the weekly shop, as they are made from strong materials, and are lined with LDPE laminate to ensure that there are no leakages, and have a good string side gusset ensuring your shopping fits neatly into the bag. If bags do not have a side gusset then they can only be really used for single flat items like paper of a thin folder which does not make them really suitable for shopping, which is a pity as it really limits the useability of the bag. This is a product which is very useful and therefore a go to option for shopping making your brand really travel far and wide. As it also had a great print area your brand message and logo will really get noticed and give your promotion additional promotional value. 

When it comes to promoting your business, you have to be eco-conscious these days, and our products can help you to do this. Visit Propa.net to see more of our amazing products, and raise awareness of your brand. 

Written by Stephen Taylor Propaganda.

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