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Stephen Taylor’s Inventions at Propaganda (Propa Net)

Stephen Taylor is an inventor and creator at Propaganda (Propa Net). He has created many truly unique and memorable promotional products for Propaganda and Sweet Concepts, widely used both Nationally and Internationally for promotional merchandise campaigns. Stephen’s inventions are a great way to promote a business and help differentiate its promotional campaigns from its competitors. His innovative designs and products have promoted all types of businesses, from small start-ups to large corporations. He understands the importance of creating both functional and aesthetically pleasing products and each product is designed with a huge amount of attention to detail from the exact size and weight of every product to carefully designing the presentation packaging, making all his products high quality and memorable. He also knows how to create a product that will appeal to a variety of promotional campaigns with a broad promotional appeal. Stephen is an amazing creator and inventor, and his inventions at Propaganda (Propa Net) are a true success. Here are some of his inventions.

The Panoflex Cable

This product is a 60cm Fast Charging Data Transfer Cable. It is designed to charge your phone, tablet, laptop, or other devices. It is also water-resistant, making it great outdoors or on rainy days. It has a built-in wire core that is reinforced with synthetic fibre which makes the cable very durable. To enhance this, the cable’s wiring system is also made up of quality copper, which reinforces the durability of the product.  The cable also features a ferrite core for high resistance against EMI interference, as well as an aluminium alloy connector that is corrosion-resistant. This cable has great branding space and can be digitally printed with your corporate message and logo on both sides ensuring it is a high-impact very useful, and affordable promotional gift. After all, we all need to charge our phones. 

Mini Mint-It Cube®

The Mini Mint-It Cube was one of the first new and truly innovative promotional products invented By Stephen Taylor and was launched in 2011. It is now widely regarded as one of the best promo products ever, for many reasons. The first of those reasons is because of the multiple branding faces of the 5 sides ( the 6th side is ingredients ) allowing for multiple messages and branding opportunities. Amazing digital printing ensures that all messages are vivid and enhanced using the latest digital print technology. 

The Mini Mint It cube has been globally trademarked and is another success for Stephen Taylor. The product is also great for all those fidgeters out there who love to have something to play with. It’s a great way to advertise a business and offers 5 great ways to advise your products and services 

Mint Twister®

Stephen patented the highly successful promotional Mint Twister. This product combines confectionery, toys and promotion all in one product and is designed to fit nelly into your pocket or bag. Again exacting detail was worked upon to create the product as it has to be designed so that the weight was exact enabling it to spin with stability and light enough to carry, yet small enough to be of a pocket size, not desk size. Stephen thought that it has more promotional value if it was pocket-sized than a larger size that would sit on a desk. Careful planning and attention to even the most minor details ensure that Stephen creates unique winning promotional products.

The other design element was the opening, and huge attention and detail went to selecting the very best way to open and close the twister ensuring it was a nice smooth easy opening and yet secure enough so that the mints did not fall out. After several trials and errors, the perfect solution was discovered and the product design was complete.

The Mint Twister is a great fun product to promote your business with the full surface digitally printed giving it great promotional messaging space.  The product is designed to be fun, engaging and of high promotional use and has been used in a variety of promotional campaigns. On the website, you can download a document containing multiple different design templates for the Mint Twister and you can choose the best design for your business. As Stephen himself says its a “cool product” with “great-tasting mints”


Stephen’s inventions are always creative, and he often surprises his clients with his clever ideas. He has a knack for finding solutions to marketing problems quickly and efficiently. He has designed original products specific to his client’s needs. Stephen is a master at taking existing products and making them his own, he puts his spin on products and creates something unique that stands out from the competition. His creations often become a talking point and generate a lot of interest. Stephen’s inventive and creative designs are a testament to his success, and he is an inspiration to many and a great example of how an entrepreneur can make a lasting impact with his inventions.

Written by Stephen Taylor, Propaganda CEO

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