Mikel Arteta’s Man-Management Style: Could Business Owners Learn a Trick or Two?

The current Arsenal manager is Mikel Arteta, who was appointed head coach in December 2019. Arteta, a former professional soccer player, played for clubs such as Real Sociedad, Rangers, and Barcelona before finishing his career at Arsenal in 2016. Before becoming the manager at Arsenal, Arteta was an assistant coach at Manchester City under Pep Guardiola. 

Mikel Arteta is quickly becoming one of the most successful managers in world football. After taking the reins at Arsenal in late 2019, the Spaniard has transformed the North London club and is now leading them to the top of the Premier League. His man-management style has been praised by pundits and players alike and is something business owners could learn from. 

With the right approach and management style, business moguls believe that Arteta has demonstrated that no matter the industry, success can be achieved. Here are five aspects of leadership that businesses can learn from Mikel Arteta.

His Focus on Individual Relationships with His Players

When managing a team, it is easy to get lost in the moment and focus on the task. It is natural to fall into a more impersonal leadership style when under pressure. However, when you take a step back and look at it, a big part of success is maintaining positive and healthy relationships with your people. One way in which Arteta focuses on the relationship between himself and his players is by being a sympathetic and empathetic figure. He has spoken about the importance of having an open-door policy and a willingness to listen to players who are going through difficult times. He has handled various instances well, including the most recent one where Pierre-Emerick Aubamayeng lied and was fired from captaincy and sold.

He Maintains a Positive Attitude

As we all know, in any profession, great and not-so-great people work. A quality that successful managers tend to share is the ability to manage and deal with difficult personalities. Arteta, who is hailed for his even-keeled demeanour, has shown that the egos of his star players do not faze him. The Spaniard has shown that he can bring out the best in all of his players, regardless of their status within the team. This is an admirable trait that is rare in modern football, where the egos of star players are seemingly out of control.

He Sets High Expectations and Follows Up on Them

The old saying “under-promise and over-deliver” is good, but it may be better for managers to flip it and set high expectations for their team. This can be done in a couple of ways. Firstly, when managers meet with their players and staff, they should set clear expectations on what they expect from them and the goals they need to achieve. At the same time, it is important to follow up and hold people accountable when falling short. Managers should follow up with their team monthly on their progress. This will allow them to know where they stand and be able to correct any issues promptly.

His Persistence and Drive towards His Team’s Goals are Unmatched

Undoubtedly, Arteta has had his fair share of setbacks during his coaching career. He has had terms as a manager, having been sacked from his previous positions. However, despite these setbacks, Arteta has shown a persistent and relentless drive to succeed. The Spaniard was adamant that he would one day become a manager, which he eventually realised in 2010 when he took the reins at Rangers. He has shown that he is not afraid to fail and learn from his mistakes. This perseverance and commitment are key traits that managers should aim to emulate.


Mikel Arteta’s man-management style has been praised by many in the football world, with Arsenal’s recent success being attributed in part to his ability to motivate and inspire players. He is known to be a well-rounded and proactive manager with a keen eye for spotting talent and a willingness to nurture it. He is also able to create a sense of unity and team spirit within his squad, something that could prove invaluable to any business. 

Like business experts ,his methods of communication are clear and concise, and he is not afraid to make unpopular decisions when necessary. He is also adept at adapting to changing circumstances, an essential requirement in today’s business world. From his track record, it’s clear that Mikel Arteta’s man-management style could prove invaluable to business owners looking to maximise the potential of their employees.

Written by Stephen Taylor, Propaganda CEO

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