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The Evolving Trends of Promotional Merchandise: How Companies Are Taking Up Recycling and Making It a Lifestyle

We live in a time of great change, which is also true for businesses. Companies are now looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact, which has increased demand for recycled promotional merchandise. This is a sign of progress, as companies are now more aware of the environmental impact of their decisions. They are becoming aware of the fact that their choices have a direct effect on the world around them and are now taking steps to reduce their footprint. Additionally, companies realise the financial benefits of using recycled materials, which are usually more cost-effective than new materials. This trend is a welcome one, as it shows that businesses are now taking responsibility for their actions, which should be celebrated. Read on!

What is Promotional Merchandise?

Promotional merchandise or promotional gifts are items that companies brand with their unique corporate massage and logo and give away to promote their goods and services. Over the past 15 years, the choice of high-quality promotional business gifts has expanded exponentially with a huge array in almost every product category from confectionery to electronics and everything in between. 

There is now an almost limitless choice of promotional business gifts giving the promotional gift buyer a great range of products to suit any promotional campaign all at varying price points from as little as a few pennies rising to the top end at over a hundred pounds. The minimum quantities that need to be ordered for any promotional gift have also fallen, so it is possible to buy less than fifty promotional gifts, thereby making the entry requirements both in terms of quantity and budget highly attractive for any marketing campaign. 

In terms of affordability, it has never been more cost-effective to buy promotional gifts so it is possible to launch a promotional gift campaign for under ninety pounds making promotional gifts one of the most well-targeted and best-value parts of any marketing campaign. Promotional gifts are a small part of the overall marketing mix, but still highly effective. It is easy to focus and strategically target your promotional gift campaigns. 

Whilst almost any consumer type of product can be branded and used as a promotional merchandise gift, they are most effectively used when the product selected matches and reflects the audience, as it would not be the best idea to give bottle openers or matches to children, when a branded pencil and colour book may be more appropriate. The vast selection of promotional gifts now comprises many product categories including clothing, stationery and electronics, and within these categories, there is a huge selection of subcategories. 

For example, in promotional clothing, it is possible to choose many of the worlds leading consumer brands to co-brand but the choice is huge from workwear, t-shirts, hoodies, sportswear, ties, and polo shirts. In addition, Propaganda (www.propa.net) also designs and manufactures a fantastic fully bespoke range of clothing, so that they fully customise every aspect of the garment from Pantone-matched fabric, and design the garments with exacting details even customising the inner labels and zip pulls giving every bespoke item a premium retail appearance, so it is a great way to really enhance any promotional clothing purchase. 

In stationery, they offer fully customised pads and pens. The latest eco-friendly pads are made using recycled Apple peel which is a fabulous eco and environmental promotional gift product. 

 Lots of businessmen state that they’re a great way to build your brand and reach new customers. You can also use them to show your employees appreciation or give them as gifts to clients and collaborators. They’re a great tool for growing your business because they can be used in various ways. You can use them to create brand awareness, build your company culture, and increase brand awareness. If the promotional gift is branded and designed effectively it often becomes a keepsake which is a sign that the promotional gift campaign was a success!

Propaganda’s product range also includes ( see www.propa.net) : 

• Paper products – Paper products such as notebooks and journals, diaries and sticky notes. Printed stationery is often made from sustainable paper, made from recycled materials.

• Coffee mugs – Coffee mugs are often made from sustainable materials such as bamboo and recycled materials 

• T-shirts – T-shirts can be made in various materials, such as cotton, bamboo, and organic cotton and now even can be made using recycled plastic bottles. 

Promotional bags are a huge part of the promotional product mix  – Cotton shoppers made using cotton and bags made using recycled plastic bottles or even recycled building stone – are becoming ever more popular with promotional gift buyers choosing promotional gifts that are made entirely from sustainable or recycled materials or have a large recycled eco composition. 

• Water bottles are often made from sustainable materials such as stainless steel and biodegradable plastic and now many are also made of recycled plastic bottles, so a case of disgraded plastic becomes a newly formed bottle. That is recycling in a practical sense! 

• School supplies such as markers, crayons, pencils, and stickers are often made from recycled materials.

The Importance Of Sustainability

The need for environmentally friendly solutions and sustainable materials has never been greater, now more than ever before. People are becoming increasingly conscious of the need to protect the environment as global warming becomes an increasingly pressing problem. Companies are now forced through corporate policies or through social awareness to change their business models to adapt to the growing demand for sustainable products and services. The good news is that many innovative solutions have come up in response to this growing demand. There are now more sustainable materials available in the market than ever before, with many more expected to be introduced in the near future. Taking a sustainable approach to your business doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Many simple changes can be made to make your business more environmentally friendly. You can also look for sustainable alternatives to the products and services you use in your business every day.

3 Benefits of Sustainable branded Promotional Goods

There are many benefits to businesses producing sustainable promotional goods. While it may seem like a difficult task, it is easier than many people think. According to business experts, all it takes is a bit of creativity and a willingness to make changes.

• Branding – Branded products allow customers to engage with your company in a different memorable cost way, and allow your message to be used not just in the office but also at home or in leisure activities, especially if it is a water bottle taken to the gym! If you band well-designed bags they may also travel to far and way places giving your brand truly International exposure! 

• Customer engagement – Customers feel more connected to your brand when they own a product with your logo or slogan.

• Long-lasting impressions – Promotional goods are often kept for a long time and can be used for various occasions, making them an effective marketing tool.


Promotional business gifts are an excellent marketing tool for companies to get their branding out there and interact with their customers. If the promotional product is designed well and matched to the target audience, then it has the added benefit of being a product that is used daily by the recipient. As there is now a real awareness and growing concern amongst both individuals, and corporations to guard and protect the precious environment, companies are starting to take a more eco-friendly approach to choosing their next promotional business gift used to promote their brands. 

They’re using more sustainable materials and eco-friendly equipment in their promotional goods. There are many ways that companies can get involved in sustainable promotional goods, whether it be through branding or the products being sold. With these sustainable changes, companies can simultaneously promote their brands and help the environment.

Written by Stephen Taylor, Propaganda CEO

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