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Today, in this article, we will be discussing our range of electronic products and accessories, from here at Propaganda, and the best corporate merchandise that you can choose from!

Our Picks

From the Propaganda website, we have chosen the following items from our catalogue:

  • Bespoke Shaped Torch Keyring
  • Custom Designed USB
  • Microfiber Pro® Glasses Case
  • Silicone Wristband With Wide LED Display Screen
  • Dual Car Charger
  • Panoflex 3 in 1 Branded Cable
  • UFO Wireless Charging Pad
  • Wireless Charging Mouse Mat

Bespoke Shaped Torch Keyring

This bespoke-shaped torch is a great product, especially if you are looking for a powerful LED torch that can be branded for your organisation. It comes with a flash feature and can contain up to 3 LED lights to make it a powerful device, but also durable due to this being a waterproof electronic device. The torch is also flat and is easy to post in a standard letter, has an impressive 5-year battery life, and does not leak at all! The LED torch, despite the name, can also come with a wrist strap instead of a keyring.

To gain information on the prices you can call Propaganda now!

Custom Designed USB

This range of products is completely and fully customisable to your very own design, making this a great choiceif you need exciting promotional corporate gifts! With these custom-designed USBs, you can print up to 4 spots with colours on both sides, and your design determines its overall size and print area, to of course make sure that your USB storage device meets your needs! You can also purchase these in storage capacities from 500MB to 32GB, so you can store files ranging from MP3 audio files to high-definition MP4 video files.

This product will take roughly 3 weeks to produce and will be cellophane-wrapped when delivered. The price for this accessory is like-for-like, meaning we will give a suitable value for your USB’s specifications.

Microfiber Pro® Glasses Case

The Microfiber Pro® Glasses Case could be a great addition to your company’s product line as it will provide your customers with a quality of life improvement while also being reminded of your brand! This eyeglasses case also comes with a cloth lens cleaner and is made from a metal case that is covered in a silky smooth microfiber cloth that can be printed in full colour and an incredible quality photo that is digitally printed.

The case’s size is 160mm by 60mm and can take around 4 weeks to produce.

Silicone Wristband With Wide LED Display Screen

This product, which is essentially a smartwatch, is a great electronic product to use in your business’s product line if you want your customers to have a smart device from their favourite brand, which is a common part of life in today’s world. The wristband, which comes with a wide LED display screen, also comes in varying colours, including black, grey, green, blue, light blue, or any customised colour, and has an overall size of 232mm by 20mm with an overall weight of 30 grams, while the screen is 47mm by 11mm. The packaging size is 145mm by 85mm by 34mm.

The smartwatch is compatible with iOS devices that have the 6.1 updates or above, and Android devices with the 4.3 system update or above, and these should have Bluetooth version 4.0. The features included on this smart device include tracking footsteps, measuring distance, management of calorie consumption, monitoring sleep patterns, displaying the time, a selfie function, reminders with a silent alarm, and a call and SMS reminder, which is only available for Android devices.

The minimum quantity of this specific product you can order is 10 pieces, but for more information, you can visit the product’s page on the Propaganda website.

Dual Car Charger

Do you have plenty of customers that travel around regularly? Well, if the answer is yes, then this is the perfect accessory for your brand’s range of merchandise. This car accessory comes with two USB ports which you can use to charge your other electronic products with the charger’s high power of 2.4 amps and DC 5 volts, while it has an input ranging from 12 volts to 24 volts. The charger is compatible with most devices, such as mobile phones, smartphones, MP3 and MP4 players, and digital cameras.

Your brand is displayed in a circular area surrounded by an LED circle which comes in colours that are red, green, or blue and your logo will be fixed onto a dome sticker with the pad printing method, which will be sourced from an EPS Illustrator format file, which is a vector image rather than a bitmap image. The dual USB car charger also has the extra option of having a metal casing. The time to manufacture the minimum amount of units, 500 units, will take 3 weeks from approval.

Panoflex 3 in 1 Branded Cable

The Panoflex 3 in 1 Branded Cable is a great choice for your brand if you want to display your organisation on a USB cable with its ability to have your brand displayed in a full-colour print on both sides. This USB cable has 3 different connectors that can be changed, including USB-C and a Micro USB connector with 8 pins, giving you plenty of compatibility with your various electronics.

The electrical current of this device is 2 amps which means your device will charge and sync data quickly. The overall length of this product is approximately 620mm while the print area is 530mm by 8mm and will be delivered in a cello zip pouch, meaning there is plenty of range if you accidentally pull the connected devices away from each other.

UFO Wireless Charging Pad

If you want a branded wireless charger that resembles your organisation then this stylish UFO Wireless Charging Pad is the right choice for you. When you charge your smartphone, this electrical product will light up with a blue LED ring that surrounds the pad to indicate the wireless, or inductive, charging has been activated, assuming you have a phone that offers this feature. This charging pad meets the Qi standards by which it is manufactured. The input of this device is DC 5 volts and 2 amps, while the output is DC 5 volts, 1 amp, and 5 watts.

The area for printing your brand is in full colour on one side in an area of 95mm, while the overall dimensions are 95mm by 9.8mm.

Wireless Charging Mouse Mat

The final product we will discuss for today’s article is the wireless charging mouse mat, which also has complete print coverage. The input of this device is 5 volts and 2 amps, while the output is 5 volts, 1 amp, and 5 watts, meaning you will have a powerful device to charge your smartphone while you use your computer mouse on a separate device, which is indicated with the blue and red LED indicators built into the mouse pad. This product also meets the standards set by Qi and has gained certificates from CE-RED, FCC, and RoHS.

The mouse pad is also quite large with the overall dimensions being 900mm by 12mm, which includes the print area that can contain high-quality images in full colour.


With all of these products in mind, hopefully, you can use Propaganda to improve your, your company’s staff, and your customers’ quality of life with these easy-to-use accessories and products that are full to the brim with convenient features. Thank you for reading this article today!

Written by Stephen Taylor Propaganda

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