Arsenal Flying High – Do We Dare To Dream?

Will Arsenal be successful in flying high this season? A question that is being asked by many of the footballing giant’s fans. In this article, I will give my views on how Arsenal will perform throughout the second half of the 2022/23 season of the English Premier League.

Premier League Form


So what is Arsenal’s current record for the ongoing season? In 17 games out of 38 matches in a Premier League season, they have won 15, drawn 2, and lost 1, which came against Manchester United, who are currently in 4th place. This is incredible considering they struggled in the previous season, winning only two-thirds of their games in the 2021/22 Premier League season and finishing 24 points behind Manchester City, who won the title to become champions of England.

They are currently sitting in 1st place on 47 points out of 54 that have been played for, and 5 points in front of Manchester City, in 2nd place, where they have obtained 42 points in their season so far. Not too far behind these two powerhouses of English football is Manchester United, another notable figure in the world of football, and a team that could pose a threat to Arsenal’s race for the title, who is currently in 3rd place, 8 points behind the Gunners, and 3 points behind City.


Arsenal have currently scored 42 goals and conceded 14 in the first half, or so, of this season, meaning their goal difference is 28 as of writing this article. This record for the current season is only just broken by Manchester City, who have scored 50 in their Premier League matches, and conceded 120, their goal difference is 30, which is 2 goals ahead of Arsenal.


The Gunners have created 29 assists to score their 42 goals, which means that their attacking play consists less of passing and working the ball into goal-scoring positions, but instead focusing on that one player to get through the defence and set pieces.

However, the Sky Blues in Manchester have made 39 assists in their matches across the 50 goals they have scored so far this season. This makes Manchester City look better at teamplay and working together to score their goals, which could prove as a better strategy than what Arsenal have to offer to make the net bulge.


Currently this season, Arsenal have dominated in their victories over the majority of teams in the top flight of English football. The most notable results include a 3-0 win over Brentford, a club in eighth place, a 3-1 win over Tottenham, a London-based team in fifth, a 3-2 win over Liverpool, a club in ninth, and a 5-0 win over Nottingham Forest, a team in thirteenth! This shows that Arsenal is a goal-scoring threat against teams in any place in this division.


The Gunners have drawn 2 of their games so far this season, 1-1 against Southampton, a team that is now bottom of the table in twentieth place, and a goalless draw against Newcastle United, a team in fourth and who have drawn almost half of their games.

The draw against Southampton, from what I have seen, was due to an error in the defence leading to the Saints scoring a valuable goal in their fight for a place in the Premier League. However, the draw against the Magpies, Newcastle United, was settled by a strong defence on both sides, and errors in the attacking threats that they posed. With a match like this in the top four, the teams could have been shaken up by the race for the elusive title between the two teams.


Arsenal has only lost once! This match was against Manchester United when they played away from home at Old Trafford, also known as The Theatre of Dreams. This loss, in my eyes, was due to a few gaps in the defence of the London-based team, which caused them to concede 3 goals, and possibly lose the confidence to pull back with some valuable goals, as they only scored 1 in this defeat.


With the fire and competition between Arsenal and City being fierce, a possibility in the title race is an injury to Erling Haaland, which has been shown possible with his tenure at Borussia Dortmund, a team in the German Bundesliga, despite his current form with Manchester City. This could pose a threat to their goal-scoring threat on other teams, as Haaland is notable at the Sky Blues for being the team’s goal machine! This would then give Arsenal an advantage as they could pull away from their competitors by keeping up with their attacking ways.

My Expectations

In this article, I discussed the Gunners’ current form in the Premier League, and the possibilities that may benefit the team, and with all these factors in mind, I believe that Arsenal will win the title but with great difficulty, especially with their rivals in the battle for being crowned champions of England!

Written by Stephen Taylor, Propaganda CEO

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