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The Benefits of Sweet Concepts – Part of Promo Concepts

Sweet Concepts, part of the Promo Concepts group founded by Stephen Taylor in 1993, is one of the longest and most well established UK’s leading suppliers of corporate gifts and corporate sweets. 

Sweet Concepts is a market leader in the design, manufacture and supply of all types of promotional sweet gifts as well as being an innovator of unique designs and holder of its very own unique and exclusive patented products. 

The Mini Mint-It Cube and Mint Twister are globally trade marked and patented products. Innovation in the promotional corporate gift market has kept Sweet Concepts at the forefront of the promotional gift market, while being testament to CEO Stephen Taylor’s unique brand of gifted entrepreneurialism.

Sweet Concepts, part of Stephen Taylor’s successful Promo Concepts group, has international reach supplying its innovative range of corporate promotional sweets, sweet tins and other ranges of promotional products to customers across the globe from countries located in Europe, the Middle East, the USA and Far East. 

Sweet Concepts also works with leading brands worldwide to supply truly innovative, tasty and fun promotional products branded to their unique needs.

Sweet Concepts – Unique promotional product inventions and patents

Sweet Concepts is a leader and innovator in promotional gifts and has designed and patented several now well recognised promotional products including the Mini Mint-It Cube, the Mint Twister and the Panoflex charging cable all wonderful promotional corporate gifts. 

Sweet Concepts first launched The Mini Mint-It Cube in 2010 at a trade show in Copenhagen and it was received with wonderful reviews. A useful messaging and innovative corporate promotional product, it’s now just one of the many unique items on offer from this creative and forward-thinking company. 

Stephen Taylor invented the product in his office in 2008 having wanted to create a fun, memorable but useful and memorable promotional corporate gift. 

It seems almost too obvious to state, but the reason the Mint-It Cube is so useful (there is a hint in its name!) and still so popular today is that it has 6 different sides to print up to 6 different messages and/or images, making it uniquely different and an exceptionally powerful communication messaging product. 

Sweet Concepts has become well known for offering great, unique, corporate gifting products. The popular company continually expands and refreshes its range, so there’s always something new to tempt old customers back as well as attract new customers for the first time.

In one of his regular ‘think tank’ sessions about the company’s product range, Stephen Taylor of Sweet Concepts, started to think about the next big promotional gift idea.

Thinking about what would keep people entertained at their desks, while keeping a brand/logo pointed at them at all times, Stephen began to sketch out ideas and plans. He wanted to develop another promotional hit fun product that would have a high fidget factor and sit on peoples desks. 

He wanted something to replace the phone twirl hand motion, so called due to the fact that people using the phone often doodle on a promotional corporate pad or twirl a corporate promotional pen. 

This thought led Stephen to think about how a sweet product could be designed to use these human traits. Some weeks, and some extensive planning sessions later, he had  developed the unique and exclusive Mint Twister. 

The Mint Twister was around before the world famous craze of the fidget spinner, and also incorporates the human desire to want to fidget with products whilst engaged on the phone, so in fact it was ahead of its time.

Stephen Taylor, along with the Sweet Concepts design team, worked hard to find exactly the right sized shape and weight of plastic container that would not just spin and twirl but would also have a good branding area along with allowing easy functioning opening for the mints, as when put together all of these things are not so easy to achieve, and consequently the early days were very much trial and error. 

However, after a few failed attempts he found the right design, the perfect shape that would spin and also easily dispense the mints without it impacting the spin, mint dispensing opening function or branding area of the product. 

Stephen recalls that designing the right size and shape container was an intricate design challenge. If it contained too many mints it meant it was too heavy and therefore didn’t spin  correctly, and too few meant it fell over, so he used his specialist technical design knowledge to create the perfect shape. 

Because this unique new invention was destined to take pride of place at the forefront of his promotional branded goods company, the other key challenge was to ensure that the Mint Twister had a good print area so that it was, ultimately, a useful and attractive promotional gift product. 

The top part of the container was designed so that it could display a great full colour corporate image and message and not to interfere with the opening of the mints.

Stephen Taylor believes in great design and firmly believes that the key to any successful product lies in the tiniest details, such as those of materials, size, weight, form, function and usefulness. 

He points out that so many products often fail in one or more of these key basic criteria, and yet with just a little more dedicated thinking more products could become winners. The margin of success or failure often lies within the details – and that’s true across all businesses.

Written following a personal interview with Stephen Taylor, CEO of Sweet Concepts and Propaganda.

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